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5XFZ-100XKY Seed Cleaner Advantages

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5XFZ-100XKY Seed Cleaner is suitable for processing Seeds and Grains. It is made up of an elevator, Four steps wind selection, Gravity table with enlarged length and width, Spiral dust collector, Grading sieving. This type of seed cleaner can remove all impurity on one time, such as the dust, chaff, and other impurities, unfilled grains, sprout seed, insect bite grains, mildew grains, Smut grains, and other granules.

Taking trainning for the local workers with Keyou-5xfz 100XKY,

It can remove light impurities/dust/ruined seeds/moldy seeds/ smaller seeds etc.

Capacity :40-45t/h

5XFZ-100XKY Seed Cleaner Advantages

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