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Air Blowing Gravity Separator

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The Air Blowing Gravity Separator is based on the principle that materials produce specific gravity deflection under the action of aerodynamic force and vibration friction. By adjusting the technical parameters such as wind pressure and amplitude, the material with large specific gravity can move from low to high in the bottom sticking to the screen surface.The material with small specific gravity is suspended on the surface and moves from high to low so as to achieve specific gravity separation.This machine is suitable for the removal of mung bean, red bean, kidney bean, soybean, corn, sunflower seed, all kinds of beans and other grains with low specific gravity, such as seeds, moth-moth grains, mildew grains, black powdery mildew grains, etc.The machine is not limited by the site, the general processing can be used.

Air Blowing Gravity Separator




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