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Air-Screen Cleaner Supplier

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A few days ago, several Indian customers sent inquiry. After communication, we learned that the Indian customers mainly need to clean paddy and local characteristic grains. According to their low  production and screening requirement, we recommended the Air-Screen Cleaner to them.

The working principle of the Air-Screen Cleaner is that the material first passes through the elevator and enters the vertical air screen. According to the different light impurities in the material and the weight of the material, the material is firstly selected to remove the light impurities, and then enters the vibrating screen. According to the different dimensions of the material, the precision screen pieces of different specifications are adjusted to remove the large impurities and small impurities. At the same time, the finished product is increased or decreased by the number of layers of the screen pieces The material is divided into large, medium and small particles.

Air-Screen Cleaner Supplier




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