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Air Screen Cleaner with Gravity Table

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5XZC Wind selection cleaning machinery is made up of Double tube elevator conveyor, Dust collector, Closed rotary ash discharge valve, vertical type air screen, sieving grading.

Seeds and grains go into the vertical type air screen through elevator conveyor.

Cleaning impurity base on their weight firstly, then seeds and grains go into sieving separator, remove big and small impurity. According to the sieving layers, materials separator into big size, middle size, small size.

At last, the light impurity which in the grains go into the back vertical type air screen.

It improves cleaning result and output. It can add Shelling, Thresher according to Customer's request.

Main Features

1)Easy Feeding Way: It can save the manpower by the extra vertical bucket elevator for feeding device

2)Gravity Separator: Separate the grain seed by different weight

3)Double Sieving Screen layers: Sorting the grain seed by different size

4) Air blower: Blowing the impurities out

5) Cyclone Dust Collector: Collecting the dust so that improve the cleaning rate 

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