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Bean Polishing Machine China

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The polishing machine uses the screw drive principle to transport materials, Through the friction of cotton canvas on the seeds or grains, the dust and dirt adhering to the surface of various beans and cereals can be removed, and the seed's surface can be polished smooth and bright. At the same time, sundries such as corn head can be removed.

Bean Polishing Machine China

Special Feature:

This model have double times dust removal function, there would match a fan which will suck all of the dust after the polishing. and double dust removal would protect the beans from the dust secondary pollution

Specification of Bean Polishing Machine

Application of Bean Polishing Machine:

The Round bean polishing machine is suitable for a variety of beans, provide a polishing process that can remove the dust and surface soil of beans, so that beans will have a shiny and smooth surface, and improve the level of commodity grain lead to high price.

Features of Bean Polishing Machine:

This bean polishing machine with dust removal device, and easy to use.

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