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Buckwheat Seed Magnetic Separator For Sale

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Keyou has designed and manufactured seed magnetic separators in order to more easily select high-quality seeds.

Today I recommend to you a seed magnetic separator independently manufactured by Keyou, which is specially designed to solve the problem of stones and bad seeds in the seeds.

De-stoner or Magnetic Separator

The product type produced by our company is QSC type air blowing stone remover, which contains two specifications, one is QSC-6 and the other is QSC-7. 

De-stoner or Magnetic Separator uses different weights of seeds and stones, the principle is to adjust the wind pressure, vibration data, etc, so that the heavier stone is moved closer to the surface of the sieve from a lower position to a higher position.

As a De-stoner or Magnetic Separator manufacturer, Keyou adheres to the mentality of helping customers solve problems and provides customers with quality services.




We warmly welcome the dealers local and abroad to negotiate business and work hand in hand with us for progress.