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Buckwheat Seed Magnetic Separator

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Belt Magnetic Separator is used to separate metals or magnetic clods from grain. It can efficiently remove the magnetic impurity from grain seeds.

Grain mixed with metals or clods go through a closed strong magnetic field in appropriate speed. Due to the different attraction strength of the magnetic field, metal, soil and clods are separated from grain. It is widely used for beans, peanut, rice, etc. 

Buckwheat Seed Magnetic Separator

Seed magnetic separator adopts 304 stainless steel construct, strict magnetic closure with less magnetic leakage.

14000 Gauss magnetic strength and 1300mm width magnetic election surface ensure magnetic separator high capacity and working efficiency. 

Magnetic Separator machine for seed cleaning machine to remove soil clod iron in seed 

It is to separating the grain and seed from the clod and soil ,is the first choice for the grain  

soil  clod  iron removing machine.

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