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Color Sorter Cleaner Manufacturers

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Keyou sells the Grain Seed Cleaner at the same time as the Color Sorter Cleaner. This color sorter cleaner is an advanced technology sorting machine, usually used for wheat, beans, nuts, corn and so on.

The cultivation of cereals is a very important industry, related to the food people need. So seed cleaning is very important, and the available Color Sorter Cleaner can sort and clean perfectly, and can help you clean the unwanted impurities in the grain.

Color Sorter Cleaner Manufacturers

Color Sorter Cleaner Features:

1. Professional image processing algorithm

2. Flexible light source configuration

3. Simple operation, convenient and practical

4. High-resolution image acquisition system

The above is the product we introduced to you. As Color Sorter Cleaner manufacturers, Keyou has many years of manufacturing experience. So, if you are interested in our products, please contact us in time!




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