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Combined Seed Cleaner For seed grain cleaner

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The Combined Seed Cleaner For  seed grain cleaner can be used for processing grain,oil seeds and other agricultural byproducts.The machine can also be used for sifting beans,sesame,melon seed,mixed grains,rice,sorghum,rape seed,sunflower seed,cotton seed etc.

This machine with the de-stoner part,blower part and the vibration screen part.

Double air suction device that eliminates light impurities.Enables efficient cyclone dust removal.Environmentally friendly.

Combined Seed Cleaner For wheat bean

 Main features:

1. Combine air suction, vibration sieve and de-stoner. Efficient and easy to use.

2. The machine works with 3-4 sieve levels, The sieve are cleaned on ball frames, with rubber balls.

3. The rubber ball sifting structure complies with international standards, Sanli’s patented rubber ball is highly elastic, endures and long lasting.

4. The sieves are tightly fit in the machine by a clamp-locking system for quick changing of the sieves and thorough cleaning of the machine.

5. The volume of air is variable and adjusted from minimum to maximum by a controlling handle, assuring very accurate cleaning and sorting of seeds. The blower has a very stable and reproducible output.

6. Transparent inspection windows for easy inspection and clean out.

7. Very easy and thorough cleaning of the machine and no contamination risk.

8. No wooden frames on the sieves where seeds can hide.

9. With cyclone duster, Environmentally friendly model. 

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