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Combined Seed Cleaner For wheat bean

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 The  Combined Seed Cleaner can be movable with structures like base frame,bucket elevator,cyclone dust collector,vertical air screen,vibrating grader and control cabinet, etc. 

    After the first selection, the machine can remove bran, glumes, dust, light impurities; remove blighted, sprouted, wormed and moldy kernels; also wipe out big and small impurities. At the same time, the cleaning machine can grade beans that can be discharged from different outlets according to different sizes.

Combined Seed Cleaner For wheat bean

Product Features:

1. The machine has a centralized function—dust and light impurities can be removed after its first process.

 2.  For its widely use for all kinds of agricultural seeds or cereals.

 3.  Save labor and with low energy-consumption.

 4.  Using it, workers can get a clean and and comfortable working environmen.

 5. It is easy to be maintained with high security index.

 6.  It can be moved to any working place as your need.

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