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Combined seed grading machine For Sale

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5XFZ-30 Seed Cleaner with double air cleaning system is good at removing dust, light impurities, small impurities and large impurities in grain. Very good at cleaning of sesame, millet, corn, wheat, soybean, coffee, barley, rice, chickpea, red kidney beans and other seeds, cash crops, food and other granular materials.

This equipment combines air selection and screening with a basic cleaning device. And this equipment has a dual air cleaning system. The air selection function of the machine is mainly done by vertical air screen. Depending on the aerodynamic properties of the grain, the difference in critical speed between the grain and the corn is achieved by adjusting the gas flow rate. The lighter silo is removed by a screw cleaner and the better material enters the vibrating screen through the air screen. Thevibrating screen can be set according to requirements: two-layer, three-layer or four-layer sieve structure, which can simultaneously remove large impurities and small impurities according to different sizes, and divide the selected materials into three kinds of large particles, medium particles and small particles. exclude. The sorting principle of the vibrating screen depends on the geometric properties of the material. The types and varieties of cereals vary and vary in size. If a different size sieve is selected, the sorting requirements can be met.

Combined seed grading machine For Sale

common problem

About Machine

1. Can one set of machine process many kinds of seeds? Yes, you just need to buy extra screens.

2. What is the purity after processed by your machine?

If you buy one whole processing line, the purity can be 99.9% at least.

3 Can you give me a solution according to my warehouse size and my special requirement?

Of course, we can.

4 Can the color be customized?

Of course, we can.

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