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Compound Gravity Cleaner Bean cleaning machine

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Multifunctional Wind Screen and Gravity Cleaner can process various grain seeds by winnowing and gravity screening, such as wheat, corn and beans.  

The honest material nozzle of the gravity table-board has two layers of semi-sieve and can remove part of the big impurities and small impurities. It is suitable for various grains warehousing storage, seeds companies, farms, grain and oil processing and purchase departments. 

Description of Gravity Cleaner Bean cleaning machine:

1. It applies to wheat, paddy, corn, pea beans, sorghum, beans, pulses, sunflower seed etc.

2. Remove dust, chaff, straw, injured seed, sprout seed, month seed, mildew grain and other light impurities in one time.

3. High Purity, Mildew rate less than 2%.

4. Large Capacity: 30-50t/h.

5. High Screening Rate: Double Screen Box Structure.

6. Double Air Screen, Double Cyclone.

7. Environmental, Closed Structure, Double Screw Cyclone.

8. Energy Consumption.

9. Stable and Reliable, Advances Swiss Technology.

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