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Farm Equipment Polish

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Keyou has been committed to the manufacture of agricultural machinery and equipment. Our agricultural machinery and equipment mainly include seed cleaning machines, polishing machines, stone removal machines/magnetic separators and so on. Today, one of the products introduced to you is a polishing machine.

Farm Equipment Polish

Polishing is often a kind of surface treatment for mechanical equipment. Of course, the seeds also need to be polished.

Polishing uses the principle of screw transmission to transport grain seeds, and then rubs the seeds with the cotton cloth in the equipment, and finally makes the surface of the seeds smooth, bright and clean.

The Farm Equipment Polish produced by Keyou can remove dust and impurities on the surface of seeds cleanly and quickly, and can also remove corn heads.

In short, we say that the purpose of the production of agricultural machinery and equipment is only one, which is to help customers save time and effort, reduce costs, and provide benefits. As a polishing machine manufacturer, the quality of our products is absolutely guaranteed, and we look forward to our cooperation!




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