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How to choose the right seeds cleaner machinery

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The different types of seeds cleaners with different operating principles are suitable for different kinds of seeds. You can follow the principles below.  

How to choose the right seeds cleaner machinery

1.  if you want to clean the impurities that are lighter、and have a big difference of shape and size with the good seeds, you may try the winnowing.It’s the most popular in our country。

2.There is some of the moldy seeds、blighted seeds、blighted seed、seeds damaged by insect、rotten seeds in maize、wheat、soybean、paddy seeds, have the same weight with the good seeds or even heavier than the good seeds, then you must use the gravity separator.

Of course, before the cleaning, you may also need peeling machine, bearder、polisher、de-stoner.  And if you need a high rate of purity、high productivity, you need to choose the compounded type of seeds cleaner machine, even a cleaning line. 

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