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How to clean up grains

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Grain cleaning has always been a very important issue in the agricultural field. The traditional method is to throw the grain seeds into the air and use the wind to blow away the lighter impurities. This method is very labor intensive and wastes time. And for heavier impurities, it cannot be cleaned.

At present, the widely used cleaning method is to use a cleaning device. The cleaning device can eliminate heavier impurities and can make the seeds dry immediately.

5XFZ-90KY Seed Cleaner

Keyou has various types of seed cleaning machines, each of which can remove all impurities at one time, which is easy to operate and save time.

5XFZ-90KY Seed Cleaner is suitable for processing seeds and grains. It consists of an elevator, four-stage wind selection, large-area gravity meter, spiral dust collector, and grading screen.

5XFZ-60X Seed Cleaner includes double elevator conveyors, three-stage air selection, large square gravity workbench, spiral dust collector, grading screening separator.

In short, as seed cleaner manufacturers, Keyou has many years of experience and technology to meet the different needs of users. So, if you are interested in our products, please contact us in time!




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