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Hyacinth Bean Seed Magnetic Separator

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De-stoner or Magnetic Separator is a machine that specializes in separating hyacinth and bean seeds. There are two product specifications, QSC-6 and QSC-7. It can remove stones and magnetic impurities in bean seeds.

Hyacinth Bean Seed Magnetic Separator

De-stoner or Magnetic Separator can separate soil, stone, metal and seeds according to the difference of gravity and magnetic force. It is widely used in beans, peanuts, rice, etc.

De-stoner or Magnetic Separator is a very important equipment for the food processing industry, because contaminants can be removed by De-stoner or Magnetic Separator to ensure food safety.

As a professional De-stoner or Magnetic Separator manufacturer, we produce high-efficiency, high-strength, high-gradient and durable machines. And we have our own brand "KEYOU", with a wide variety of machines, and many types of machines have obtained national patents. In addition, we can also customize suitable machines according to the actual needs of each customer.




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