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Mobile Seed Production Line

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Recently, for some domestic customers, Keyou Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched a new Mobile Seed Production Line, which can meet the needs of seed selection, grading and packaging through simple matching of different equipment. The Mobile Seed Production Line mainly includes four types of equipment: Combined Seed Cleaner (5XFZ-90KY), Vibrating Grading Machine (5XFJ-10), Automatic Packing Scale (DLB-100A) and Elevator (DTY-10M). The working principle of the entire production line is: the seed first enters the Combined Seed Cleaner, after selection, it enters the Vibrating Grading Machine for further selection processing, then it is sent to the upper hopper of the Automatic Packing Scale through the non-crushing Elevator, and finally The packing scale packs the seed according to the set weight. The biggest feature of this seed production line is that it can be moved, the requirements for the working site are more flexible, it can adapt to many different types of working sites, and after simple processing, it can achieve good screening and removal of impurities, and finally selected The seeds are directly packaged, which greatly reduces the investment of human resources.

Mobile Seed Production Line




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