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The Benifits of Seed Coating Machine

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The main function of Seed Coating Machine is to protect the seeds. By adding medicines and mixing with the seeds, a protective film is added to the outer layer of the seeds.

Seed Coating Machine Benifits:

1. The operation is simple, just mix the seed and the liquid medicine;

2. The high-speed centrifugal disk atomizes the liquid medicine and makes the coating more uniform;

3. Size: 2400*920*2700mm;

4. Weight: 750 kg;

5. Productivity: 5000kg/h; Power: 2.03kw.

Seed Coating Machine is one of the main products of Keyou Company. As professional Seed Coating Machine manufacturers, we also sell Gravity Cleaner, Air-Screen Cleaner machinery and so on. If you have demand for these products, please contact us in time!




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