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The matainence of combined seeds cleaner

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The combined seeds cleane machine has wide adaptability, which can select wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, beans, rapeseed, herbage and green fertilizer seeds by changing sieve and adjusting air volume.The machine has high requirements for use and maintenance, and a slight neglect will affect the quality of seed selection.The main points of use and maintenance of the machine are summarized as follows:

combined seeds cleaner

1, the selection machine in the indoor operation, the machine parking place to be flat, solid, parking location should be considered to exhaust dust convenient.

2, if the conditions are limited, must be in the outdoor work, should find a shelter to park, and make the machine placed by the wind, to reduce the impact of the wind on the selection effect.Wind barriers should be considered when the wind speed is greater than category 3.

3, when the replacement of varieties, remove residues of grain into the machines must be clean, and take the machines continue to run 5-10 min, the regulating handle switch several times before and after will at the same time, to rule out before, during and after chamber and deposition over indoor and confirm there is no kind of impurity particles and impurities from several deposited after indoor outflow, but will stop the machine works, the first seed and impurities on the surface of the sieve cleaning to the row of complex groove, and then on the screen surface to be removed, clean the screen.

4. Before each operation, check whether the fastening screws in each part are loose, whether the rotation is flexible, whether there is any abnormal sound, and whether the tension of the transmission belt is appropriate.

5. Oil the lubrication point.

6. Cleaning and inspection shall be carried out after each operation, and troubleshooting shall be timely eliminated.




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