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Two types of Elevator Separator

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Midsummer is approaching and grains are about to mature. How to transport them efficiently and quickly during grain processing and ensure that the grains are not damaged is a crucial issue. Therefore, you need Elevator Separator.

As a manufacturer of grain processing machinery and equipment, Keyou has specialized machinery and equipment for how to separate grains. One is Double Bucket Elevator Conveyor, and the other is X Slope / Inclined Elevator Conveyor. Both are high-quality Elevator Separators, which are efficient, safe and reliable for separating and transporting grains.

1.Double Bucket Elevator Conveyor

It is suitable for vertical transportation of powdery and granular materials, such as wheat, sesame, soybean, corn, sorghum and various seeds and grains.

2.X Slope / Inclined Elevator Conveyor

This type of bucket elevator is suitable for large and small grains. Good airtightness and no pollution to the environment.

As an Elevator Separator manufacturer, Keyou has always paid attention to product quality issues. The Elevator Separator produced by us meets international quality standards. So, if you want to buy Elevator Separator , please contact us in time!




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