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Use and maintenance of seed coating machine

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Use and maintenance of seed coating machine

1. Place the main engine smoothly, then move the spray support to the right of the main engine, put the spray gun into the clothes pot of the main engine and adjust it to a reasonable position.

2. Turn on the power, turn on the speed control switch of the main engine, and adjust the speed and rotation direction of the main engine.

3. Connect the gas and liquid pipes to add liquid to the liquid cup, turn on the gas and liquid switches, and adjust the fog amplitude and direction of the spray gun and liquid.

4. Align the hair dryer with the pot mouth to adjust the heating temperature and direction.

5. After the above procedures are prepared and confirmed to be correct, stop the machine to charge and carry out the work according to the coating process.

6. Clean the machinery and pipelines after use.

Use and maintenance of seed coating machine

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