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grain & seed cleaning machinery For Sale

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grain cleaning machine

First material via lifting equipment delivery to bulk grain box, under the action of the bulk grain bins, material dispersed into uniform falls into the vertical surface air screen, light the light impurity by winnowing filter outlet, material into the share platform, according to the different materials and the proportion of the impurities, the proportion of smaller impurities distribution in the surface layer to the low end of the flow is being exhausted from port proportion table light impurity, good material distribution in the bottom to the high-end flow into the sizing screen vibration.

According to the physical size of the material to adjust different specifications of precision punching screen, remove large and small impurities, at the same time by increasing or decreasing the number of layers of the screen screen finished products into large, medium, small particles.

grain & seed cleaning machinery For Sale

About packing and transportation:

Any special requirement of shipping, please talk with us, we will help you to solve the problems.if the amount of goods to be deliverd is relatitively small ,the goods will be packaged in the form of export wooden boxes .if the goods are shipped in the large quantities,the goods will be directly loaded into the containers and cut and reinforced to prevent the goods from colliding.

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