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small gravity air screen grain seed cleaner

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Grain corn paddy cleaner is widely applied in many different ways for pre-cleaning materials.

It is successfully used in the reception of granular, mealy, and floury bulk materials in grain mills, bulk storage systems, and other plants in the food processing and feed manufacturing industries.

The drum sieve separates coarse impurities such as pieces of straw, bag tapes, paper, pieces of wood, and corn (maize) leaves and cobs, etc.

small gravity air screen grain seed cleaner

This protects downstream processing and conveying equipment from malfunctions and damage

Grain corn paddy cleaner: 

Double drum grain corn paddy pre-cleaner can effectively clean out light impurities,big impurities,fine impurities etc. from grain;

With the inclination angle screen drum and the independent support plus the aspiration device,the pre-cleaner is featured with steady operation and good cleaning effect.

The capacity range is 10-200t/h,it is applicable to industries of corn deep-processing,oil and fat,feeding stuff and so on.

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